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DJ-Waffles Fansubs

Exclusive videos that we have subtitled so far. I hope you enjoy!

[DJ-W] Hello Morning (2006-12-24) 341 - Christmas Special - Subtitled
[DJ-W] Hello! Morning (2005-06-12) - 263 - 5th Gen vs 6th Gen Fiery Survival Death Match (Subtitled)
[DJ-W] Kago Ai + Tsuji Nozomi - Super Excitement! See Everything! Disney Xmas! (2005-12-09 Subtitled)
[DJ-W] Bijo Houdan (2009-10-22) #30 - Kamei Eri - Subtitled
[DJ-W] Bijo Houdan (2009-10-15) #29 - Kamei Eri - Subtitled

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Subtitled Interviews

100% Abe Natsumi (Subtitled)
100% Goto Maki (Subtitled)
100% Iida Kaori (Subtitled)
100% Ishikawa Rika (Subtitled)
100% Kago Ai (Subtitled)
100% Konno Asami (Subtitled)
100% Niigaki Risa (Subtitled)
100% Ogawa Makoto (Subtitled)
100% Takahashi Ai (Subtitled)
100% Tsuji Nozomi (Subtitled)
100% Yaguchi Mari (Subtitled)
100% Yasuda Kei (Subtitled)
100% Yoshizawa Hitomi (Subtitled)


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