1. Why should I enable Javascript?

If you have javascript disabled, then you will not be able to see the download link unless you are a donating member. Thank you for your understanding.

2. Isn't it a little harsh to ban people just because they don't want to have it enabled?

I don't want to force people to do things they don't want, but this is my web site and it is my right to stop people who don't want to fully support me from downloading my files. It is similar to owning a store and turning someone away for not following store rules and policies. And yes, it is true that enabling javascript "can" be dangerous, but this is usually only the case when a person visits random porn, warez/pirating, hacking, or other underground sites. If you visit those type of sites, then you should definately have javascript disabled.

But all of the ads on my site are safe and will not damage your computer. If you are still concerned about security, it is very, very easy to disable javascript for all websites except the ones you choose (see below for instructions).

3. How do I enable javascript for Internet Explorer?

By default, javascript should come enabled, but it might have been turned off by other people who use your computer or by 3rd party program such as Norton Internet Security.

A. Go to Tools -> Internet Options

B. Click the security tab

C. Click "Trusted Sites" and then click "Sites"

D. Add http://www.filepulse.com and http://www.dj-waffles.com .
Be sure to uncheck the box at the bottom that says "require server
verification". Javascript will be enabled just for those two sites.
Remove the "www" part if you always type in just http://dj-waffles.com

Click "OK" and then click "OK" again to apply the changes.
Refresh the DJ-Waffles home page and the annoying red text should
disappear. Thank you for your support.

4. How do I enable javascript for Firefox?

A. In Firefox, go to top menu and select "Tools" and then "Options".
At the top, click "Content", which is inbetween "Privacy" and "Tabs"
Check the box pictured below and click "OK" to save changes.

Refresh the DJ-Waffles home page and the annoying red text should
disappear. Thank you for your support.

B. If you want more control over which sites javascript is enabled,
please consider installing this extention from the official Firefox site.
It should not slow down Firefox. Once installed, please add
http://www.filepulse.com and http://www.dj-waffles.com
to the trusted domains. Thank you.

5. How do I enable javascript for Norton Internet Security?

Before going into explanation, I just want to tell you guys I got most of the help from this site: http://www.mlin.lib.ma.us/books/catalogs/vc/firewall_help.php, though I still had to mess around with it afterwards, before actually getting everything configured. One more thing, the version of Norton Internet Security on my computer is the 2004 version, so it might be a little different from what you are using.

A. For the most part, follow that guide. It’s quite helpful, but if you are having trouble finding the “Web Content” (Like I did), go on to step 2.

B. To open “Web Content”, open up your Norton Internet Security client, and click on “Ad Blocking”.

C. Clicking that should prompt a screen like this:

Click on “Advanced” to get to “Web Content”

D. Finally, the “Web Content” screen.

E. Click the “Add Site” Icon, and enter www.dj-waffles.com

F. Now to configure the options for the site. Make SURE you highlight www.dj-waffles.com on the left panel. It is time to configure the right panel after you had selected the site. Make sure you uncheck all the boxes that say “Use default Settings”. Do that for both the “Global Settings” tab, and the “User Settings” Tab. Also make sure you set them all to “Permit”.

G. For the “Ad Blocking” Tab, click on the tab, and click the “Add” button. That will prompt a screen that will ask you to enter a site. Enter the site, and make sure you check the “Permit” option.

H. Repeat steps 5 to step 7 for www.filepulse.com

I. If you have any trouble, try following the link I gave you. My guide is mainly focused on how to get to “Web Content”, since that step took me the longest to figure out. I simply followed that guide after finding “Web Content”. If you still can’t get it to work, reach me at: henry_ng521@hotmail.com
End Note: Thanks to DJ-Waffles for what he is doing, and helping me to fix this problem in the first place.

6. I still need help. Will you help me?

I will try. Please send me an e-mail with your problem.