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[DJ-W] Hello! Morning (2005-06-12) - 263 - 5th Gen vs 6th Gen Fiery Survival Death Match (Subtitled)

Posted: October 15, 2010
File Size: 766 MB
Translated by: Yahanashi
Timed by: DJ-Waffles
Edited By: DJ-Waffles
Presented By: DJ-Waffles Fansubs

Hi everyone. Here is our 2nd release. The 5th and 6th Generation members get fired up and battle it out using their words in a Fiery Survival Death Match. Also included is Haromoni Theartre skit, Kusumi Koharu training segment, and Professor Abe, Kago, and Iida-san showing off their, uhhh... knowledge. Anyway, I'm not the type to write detailed descriptions so here are the translator notes I forgot or couldn't fit into the video screen:

Translator Notes:

-Miki's fighting name, Abdullah The Mikitty, is based on Canadian professional wrestler, Abdullah The Butcher. Don't look it up if you hate the sight of blood, lol.

-The joke Hosshan makes in front of the chalkboard is from all four characters of her name. Yahanashi writes: Each character of her name is the first character for each of those prefectures. For example, Toku refers to Tokushima-ken, a region of the Shikoku islands and Taka is also read Kou which refers to Kouchi also an area of the region. Udon is a specialty there.

-At one point, Hosshan says, "Let's leave that at that." Yahanashi writes: The phrase is more ambiguous though, which is why he chose it. It's one of those Japanese phrases where you don't say much to not offend the listener and have them take whatever meaning they want. The translation I gave is one possible interpretation but 'be that as it may' works too. As far as Japanese, you could boast about it to the world, it fits the bill, lol.

-Ogawa's character in the skit is based on Hiromi Go. When she starts feeling Konno's forehead and singing, it's a joke on this song: Hiromi Go - Goldfinger 99.

-When Nacchi is hit and falls to the ground, she says "I still got hit." Yahanashi writes: This is a running gag where she gets hit and falls at the camera by Yossie's character. In this episode, she tried to avoid it by pretending Tsuji and Kago hit her already. I mean, I think most of you get it, but in case you haven't seen the other episodes you might not appreciate the joke.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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