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[DJ-W] Bijo Houdan (2009-10-15) #29 - Kamei Eri - Subtitled

Posted: November 9, 2010
File Size: 395 MB
Translated by: Yahanashi
Timed by: DJ-Waffles
Edited By: DJ-Waffles
Presented By: DJ-Waffles Fansubs

Here is a video that Yahanashi suggested on translating as he is a Kamei Eri fan. I like Kamei too so I didn't object. :)

In this episode of "Beautiful Women Open Discussions Series," Kamei interviews Osanai Mieko, a screenwriter most well known for writing Kinpachi Sensei. Along the way, Eri confesses some things that has been bothering her and asks Osanai-san for some advice about being more like an adult. Look forward to part 2 soon and another subtitled Hello! Morning after that.

Translator Notes:

-Eri's joke about chalk-kun can be a little confusing. Yahanashi writes: "Kun = a surname like ‘mister or junior’. My best guess is that the girl misinterprets ‘chalk’ in English and thinks it to be the name of another student in class who has run away -- chalk in Japanese is pronounced ‘chooku’"

-"Eri says, 'tabete mo ii desu ka?' which is a little too 'casual’ when speaking to someone like Osanai san. That’s why Osanai san says ‘meshi agatte tte sou iu’ - meshi agaru is the honorific way of asking someone older than you to eat with you. She’s just helping Eri to be more of a better grown up.. that’s what this show is about."


This file is currently unavailable for direct download. Do a search for "[DJ-W] Bijo Houdan (2009-10-15) #29 - Kamei Eri - Subtitled" and you will probably find it some where out there. Sorry about that.

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