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[DJ-W] Bijo Houdan (2009-10-22) #30 - Kamei Eri - Subtitled

Posted: December 4, 2010
File Size: 383 MB
Translated by: Yahanashi
Timing by: DJ-Waffles
Edited By: DJ-Waffles
Presented By: DJ-Waffles Fansubs

Here is part 2 of "Beautiful Women Open Discussions Series" featuring Kamei Eri and Osanai Mieko. Kamei talks about what she plans to accomplish when she gets older, her ideal future husband, discussions about the difficulties of being in Morning Musume (she really does care about her performance at concerts and other events), and what she bought her parents with her first few paychecks. We also get a deeper look at Osanai-san's extremely generous charity work in Cambodia.

Due to popular demand, the next project will be another Hello! Morning. A Christmas one. Thank you for your support and enjoy.


Translator Notes:

If you want to check out Osanai-sanís work in Cambodia... :) (Japanese Only)

This file is currently unavailable for direct download. Do a search for "[DJ-W] Bijo Houdan (2009-10-22) #30 Kamei Eri Subtitled" and you will probably find it some where out there. Sorry about that.

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