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[DJ-W] Hello Morning (2006-12-24) 341 - Christmas Special - Subtitled

Posted: December 25, 2010
File Size: 928 MB
Duration: 43:44
Resolution: 1024x576
Translated by: Yahanashi
Timing by: DJ-Waffles
Presented By: DJ-Waffles Fansubs

In this Christmas Special, Morning Musume receives an all country amusement park pass. They split into 2 groups and must travel to 5 different parks and ride at least 10 different attractions. As usual, it won't be easy because challenges must be completed during the rides. But if they succeed, they may attend a Christmas party at the end of the day.

At the party, there is a Confessions Special. And finally, Niigaki and Kamei race up the Tokyo Tower.

Thank you for your support! Merry Christmas and enjoy!


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