DJ-Waffles Fansubs

# Name Translation Timing Editing Status
1 W Disney Christmas (2005-12-09) X X X Released!
2 Hello! Morning (2005-06-12) - 5th Gen vs 6th Gen X X X Released!
3 Bijo Houdan 29 (2009-10-15) - Kamei Eri X X X Released!
4 Bijo Houdan 30 (2009-10-22) - Kamei Eri X X X Released!
5 Hello! Morning (2006-12-24) X X X Released!
6 Hello! Morning (????-??-??) - - - To be announced
7 Bijo Gaku (2010-??-??) - - - To be announced

Last Updated December 6, 2011

1. What era of Hello! Project will most of your subtitles be focused on?

I want the majority of our subtitles to be of videos made between 2000 and 2007. Mainly because most of the other subbing teams are working on more recent files. And besides, most of my heart is loyal to the older generation of Hello! Project. I still love the current generation of Morning Musume but will leave most of it to the other subtitle teams. Even though I will be making most of the decisions, Yahanashi will be giving suggestions on what he wants to translate and I don't know if it will be more recent or older stff. Update: I made a poll above to guage what readers of this site will most want to see us subtitle.

2. What are your goals?

My dream is to see every Hello! Morning and Haromoni@ translated into English. For that reason, I want us to do at least one Hello! Morning every month. At that rate it's going to take over 10 years to finish all of them but we might do more than 1 per month. And besides, the other subbing teams will do them too if they can. We won't only do Hello! Mornings though as that will get boring doing them so many times in a row.

3. Are all of your subtitles going to be free?

Yes, of course. I would never make people pay for them.